American Horses Saved From Slaughter

We are celebrating our 2 beautiful mares and 3 innocent foals saved due to the incredible generosity of Cindy A. Lee and the Wags And Menace Make A Difference Foundation. The exquisite buckskin filly, most appreciatively named Cindy Lee serves as a reminder to us all the grim reality that 110,000 of our American Horses are being slaughtered every year, and that 92.3% of those horses brutalized by¬†slaughter are perfectly healthy horses…..just like the 5 momma/babies saved thanks to the incredible and selfless generosity of Cindy A. Lee and the Wags and Menace Make A Difference Foundation. The mares and foals are completing quarantine, and will arrive at the ranch that the horses own within the next 30 days. The feedback on the little herd is that they are in need of training, gentling, and trust building. The Red Riding Hoods are definitely up for the challenge, and can hardly wait to begin the all important task of preparing these tender spirits for a new life, in which they will experience dignity daily and will be valued and safe. Please allow us to restate our appreciation to be able to save and serve….and for all those who make our work possible. Thank you Cindy A. Lee, your namesake is glorious!

(Pictured L-R orphaned Cindy Lee, now 10 months old, 7 week old Ranger and his mom, Lola)