Cindy A. Lee of the Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation has come to the much-needed aid of the Colorado Horse Rescue. Thanks to her heartfelt generosity, a lucky mare by the name of Charlee now has a second chance at life. The 24-year-old Thoroughbred mare presented with mild lameness and an overall lack in interest in her daily routine. Sadly, her condition soon became quite severe. Unable to walk and the light gone from her eyes, Charlee required immediate medical care. Charlee was quickly diagnosed with Cushings disease, a common equine ailment that presents in many different forms. Eager to help, Cindy Lee covered the necessary costs to help Charlee regain her health, including diagnostic tests, radiographs, and daily medication she needs to take for the rest of her life. Thankfully with the financial aid from Cindy Lee, Charlee is well on her way to recovery. The light in her eyes has returned and nothing but a bright future awaits her.