Medical Equipment Donation & Funding

Emergency Medical Equipment Funding & Donation

While individual adoptions save one animal at a time, having the proper medical equipment can save the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals in need of care all over the world. The Wags & Menace Make a Difference Foundation allocates funds for medical equipment to and animal rescue organizations allowing them to perform life-saving surgeries and offer extensive medical support.

Some types of equipment are warm and fuzzy: stuffed “heartbeat bears” to soothe and comfort wounded or orphaned animals. “These are similar to the ones given to children in hospitals and perform the same therapeutic function,” Cindy Lee says. “Beavers, for example, are very emotional and can die from depression after being orphaned. The heartbeat bears help to alleviate their—and other animals’—suffering.”

Bair Hugger Medical Equipment Donation | Boulder Valley Humane Society

WOW! Baxter, CEO and Cindy Lee of the Wags and Menace Make a Difference Program Foundation let us know they are joining our community’s efforts and donating $2,600 to exceed our goal and ensure that we are able to purchase the Bair Hugger, a vital piece of medical equipment, right away for our clinic. Thank you so much! Cindy Lee continues to inspire others through her continued support and generosity.

Animal Oxygen Masks Donation | Larkspur Fire Department

Cindy Lee with the Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation donated several cases of animal oxygen masks to Larkspur Fire Department, in Larkspur, CO. These masks will be used to help save many animals lives during their fire rescue operations.

Anesthesia Machine and Autoclave Donation | Rifle Animal Shelter

Cindy and her foundation funded and donated a new anesthesia machine and autoclave to Rifle Animal Shelter. Dogs and cats at the Rifle Animal Shelter will get better medical care, thanks to the donation of emergency lifesaving medical equipment by Cindy Lee and the Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation.

Medical Equipment Donation | Second Chance Humane Society

The Wags and Menace Foundation is proud to donate critical medical equipment to Second Chance Humane Society. This needed equipment will help them beats the odds and save more lives.

Orthotic Brace Donation for Mia | Boulder Valley Humane Society

We had a very exciting morning as Mia took her first steps in her new custom brace from OrthoPets: Orthotics and Prosthetics for Animals! Thank you to everyone who donated funds to enable us to purchase this brace for her, especially Cindy A. Lee and Baxter of the Wags and Menace Make a Difference Program Foundation whose generous gift took us above and beyond our goal! Cindy and Mia became fast friends, too.