Say “hi” to Harlow!  Today, we can post his happy update thanks to The Wags and Menace Makes a Difference Foundation! We were contacted about Harlow yesterday and after being sent pictures of his injuries, knew how much he must be suffering and that we had to stop it somehow. But how? Our veterinary expenses have been phenomenal recently; with Davis especially. Donations for Davis have been generous but still fell short almost $2,000 covering his care to date. We just didn’t know how we could afford yet another animal with life-threatening medical issues. But PK headed out to pick him up and take him to Dr Talley  (anticipating euthanasia) while I tried to form a plan.

Then, in stepped Wags and Menace Makes a Difference Foundation!. As soon as  Cindy Lee heard about Harlow, she promised funding for all of his life saving medical care. He spent last night at TVS but this morning, he came back to the DHS foster farm. His partially torn off bottom lip is reattached. But the deep holes in his neck will have to be cared for here until hopefully, enough healthy tissue is formed to repair it surgically. 

Of course, Harlow is intact and heart worm positive but we’ll worry about  that later. Right now this boy is already much more comfortable and well on his way to a full recovery…..and the poor boy can finally eat! The Wags and Menace Makes a Difference Foundation literally saved his life because DHS just couldn’t do it alone.

Thank you so much, Cindy A. Lee .  For the first time in a long time, Harlow will be comfortable, have a full tummy and a bright future!

Oliver and Gazpacho

Oliver and Gazpacho

Oliver and Gazpacho orphaned Sea Lion pups at Pacific Marine Mammal Center ,

Baby Fox

Baby Fox

This orphaned baby fox sends a great big thank you to the Wags and Menace Make a

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